Two announcements for you, folks. First, a personal one: I am now a member of the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy blog tour. I should be doing my first review early next week. Essentially, the goal of CSFF is to promote Christian SF in general, and the selected Christian SF in particular. Check out their website here.

Now, a public service announcement: THE ELECTION IS ON TUESDAY. VOTE. VOTE SMART.

Where I live, somebody decided to put up signs along the road that say, Drive Smart. This is wise advice, if ungrammatical. They should put a variation above voting booths: Vote Smart. People often talk about the importance of voting, but that is only half of it. The other half is voting well, lest you put blockheads in power. This is especially true in national elections, where you stand to foist them on the whole country.

And when we’re done with Drive Smart and Vote Smart, we can start a new campaign: Write Smartly.