The Nephilim

In keeping with last week’s review, here is a biblical exposition on the Nephilim. The author includes quotations about the Nephilim from Apocryphal books, and those who have read the Kingdom Wars series will recognize a few of the details.

John Otte once criticized Nephilim in Christian SF, finding their portrayal lacking both artistically and theologically. And he commented:

That, perhaps, is why I’m having such a negative reaction to Nephilim. Whenever they’re portrayed, it’s almost always the angel/human hybrids. It’s further evidence of the unfortunate homoginization of Christian fiction (and not just speculative fiction) where doctrinal positions that don’t fit into certain molds get thrown out completely.

Maybe. But I have my own guess as to why the angel/human hybrids interpretation is so popular in Christian SF: It is (1) sort of fantasy-ish, and (b) sort of Christian. Angel/human unions, and the resulting offspring, lend themselves more to fantasy than do good human/bad human unions (and the resulting offspring).

I believe this is the primary motivation. I don’t think we can even be sure that every publisher and author responsible for these books really does believe that the “sons of God” (Gen. 6) were angels. After all, how many people have written about aliens while believing they don’t exist?