CSFF Blog Tour: Breaking the Love Triangle

I’m going to start off by putting a Spoiler Alert on this whole post. From here on in I’ll make free in discussing details from the book.

One of the interesting aspects of Dragons of the Valley was the love triangle. Bealomondore loved Tipper, Tipper loved Jayrus, and Jayrus loved … well, you couldn’t tell. Then, at the end, Jayrus eloquently proposes marriage, Tipper joyfully accepts, and they just step on Bealomondore’s heart.

At least that’s how I reacted. I don’t know how Bealomondore reacted, because the book ended without him giving a thought to the matter. Up until that point, he had been the main focus of the love triangle. Its most eloquent summation was when Bealomondore watched Tipper and Jayrus together and – simply, bittersweetly – thought of them as his princess and her prince.

I really thought that Bealomondore might be in the running. He had more far interaction with Tipper than Jayrus did, had in fact most of the sweet moments – and the funny ones, and the dangerous ones. It was also his journey more than anyone else’s, and matching him with the princess would have the virtue of being surprising. And when you add that Tipper’s emotions were still in the crush stage, and for all we knew Jayrus’ emotions were not in any stage – well, the only compelling reason not to bring Bealomondore and Tipper together was that he was a foot shorter than her.

Jayrus and Tipper feel natural together, and one can’t help feeling happy for Tipper. One also can’t help feeling sorry for Bealomondore. I’d be curious to know what other readers thought of the love triange and its resolution. I’d also be curious to know what Bealomondore thought of it. It was probably what he thought would happen, but you’d think he’d still sigh. I would.

The emotions and reality of the love triangle were brought home mainly by Bealomondore. Then, at the end, he was cut out without a second glance. It would have been nice if we had seen him react a bit. But maybe – just maybe – we’ll get a chance in Dragons of the Watch. Because, although Bealomondore didn’t get the girl, he did get the next book.

2 thoughts on “CSFF Blog Tour: Breaking the Love Triangle

  1. Interesting reaction, Shannon. I was pulling for Jayrus all along. I didn’t know if his new role as Paladin ruled out his marrying Tipper though. So I thought Beal might be a sort of second choice. I really, really didn’t want that to be the case. So I was happy. And I thought Donita foreshadowed it. I mean, the scene you talked about came some ways before the end, so I thought it showed Beal knew he didn’t really have a chance with Tipper. And why was Paladin always showing up where Tipper was if he didn’t love her too? I mean, he had this important job that could save the nation, but he always sought her out.

    Anyway, I was happy. And I think Beal understood. 😉


  2. I think he understood, too. I think he expected it.

    I understand why you’d pull for Jayrus. My point of view was influenced by seeing things so much from Bealomondore’s perspective. Paladin was in the book much less, and I don’t think there was ever a scene from his perspective. His emotions were never explored until the end, but I understood Beal’s very well. I felt for him. Still, he’ll get over it, and Tipper and Paladin are a good couple.

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