Books and Weather

I had been thinking that today I could do a follow-up on last week’s post, but it turned out to be too nice a day for that. Since last week the temperature has risen a good fifty degrees, and today we’re at 72. The unseasonable warmth is very nice, unless it ends up in unseasonable tornadoes.

But the sky is still clear, cloudless blue, and I opted for a happier subject than violence in entertainment. So let’s talk about my recent book acquisitions.

On Saturday I went to a Christian used bookstore; they were having a discount sale. I bought The Restorer and The Restorer’s Son, by Sharon Hinck. They’re terrific books, and I’m glad to add them to my library.

I also bought Volume VI of the Collected Works of G. K. Chesterton. It contains The Club of Queer Trades (which I enjoyed), and The Napoleon of Notting Hill and The Man Who Was Thursday (both of which I look forward to enjoying). This edition has illustrations drawn by the author and footnotes to explain the more obscure references. (Does anyone know who Lord Kitchener is? Or what it means if a lady has the “flavour” of Bedford Park?)

I bought a CD, too – Long Line of Leavers, by Caedmon’s Call.

Last, but surely not least, the birthday present my parents pre-ordered for me finally arrived that same day:

Yes, Saturday was a good day.

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