Enemies of the Cross

Back in April CSFF toured The Strange Man, by Greg Mitchell. It’s the first book in The Coming Evil Trilogy, and according to the author, the second book is set to be released next February. He tells us:

What can you expect to find in this next installment? Secrets will be revealed–changing everything you know–and everyone will be forced to choose a side in the upcoming war between the last remaining “saints” of Greensboro and the forces of hell. There will be new characters, returning favorites, and even more gruesome monsters. The stakes are raised as the mystery of the Strange Man’s master plan unfolds.

To be honest, the “more gruesome monsters” bit makes me a bit squeamish. I found the Strange Man quite gruesome enough. But the rest of it sounds good, and I am definitely intending to read Enemies of the Cross. According to Greg Mitchell, an excerpt of the book could be up on his site as soon as Halloween, and he’s hoping to post a “tie-in short story” around Christmas. I’ll be looking for them.

For anyone who hasn’t read The Strange Man and wants to look into it, my review is here, complete with a batch of links to other bloggers who reviewed the book. You can also find reviews on Greg Mitchell’s site and on Amazon.

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