Prism Tours: Triskele Grand Finale

Grand Finale!
A Week of Interviews and Giveaways!

November 16 – 22 Preview

16 – Literally Jen Wolfsangel by Liza Perrat

‘We watched in enchanted silence, as the music grew louder, faster, as if it were rolling across the cobblestones and echoing deep through the secret valleys and the fringe of trees that looked like hooded nuns shuffling into the woods’

Jill: “This quote is quite typical of Liza’s writing; evocative and magical, creating beautifully rich descriptions and conjuring an atmosphere out of a few well chosen words.”

17 – Beck Valley Books Ghost Town by Catriona Troth

‘Too Paki to be white, too gora to be desi.’

Liza: “Mentioned several times in the story, this phrase struck me as it perfectly sums up one of the basic conflictual themes.”

18 – Deal Sharing AuntOverlord, The Rise of Zenobia by JD Smith

“I am a man, a warrior, and yet her stare, even in its innocence, makes me check myself.”

Kat: “I always love it when an author captures the first moment when the possibility of love begins to germinate. In JD Smith’s retelling of one of the famous love stories of all, this is that moment.”

19 – The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old Girl – The Boxset from Gillian Hamer


“Centurion Marcus Sextus grimaced as a masked soldier strode into the makeshift arena, leading two shackled slaves …”

Jane: “It has Romans, so it is winner right away for me. I love how Gill has managed to echo the Roman past alongside the modern day story, it’s a brilliant mix that really works.”

20 – Brooke Blogs – Boxset by JJ Marsh

Tread Softly

“A journey from first taste to last, it tells you of the soil, the climate, the land. That is not simply a wine. That is an adventure.”

Gill: “Says so much in so few words, it sums up not only the tone of the book, but Beatrice, Adrian & Matthew without even mentioning their names.”

21 – Colorimetry Triskele Trail

WHICH chapter or segment of advice did you learn the most from while researching the book?

I think we’d all have different answers to that. So many of the chapters and tips written by the others are gold dust. Not just as eye-openers, but reminders of things I knew but had forgotten about. Putting the book together has been an inspiring experience, and totally reinforced my decision to go the independent route.

22 – Grand Finale

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