A Call for Reviewers

After years of living out his adventures on the pages of SALT Magazine, Christian Holmes has entered the world of e-publishing. Two of his adventures are now available on Kindle Amazon: Inspection and Sweet Green Paper.

I am putting out a call for reviewers – for anyone who will, in exchange for a book, post a review on Goodreads or Amazon (preferably both). Review copies will be given in MOBI, e-Pub, or PDF.

The Adventures of Christian Holmes is a series of short detective stories, lighthearted and appropriate for younger audiences. If you are interested in reviewing one or both of these stories, e-mail me at info[at]shannonmcdermott.com. Please specify what format you would like, and where you plan to post your review.

Inspection (Adventures of Christian Holmes 1)

An interloper arrives at the CBI, claiming to be a data-collector from headquarters. Christian Holmes, together with Greg Belden, is assigned to help him.

As they work with the outsider, their doubts grow. Who is he, and what did he really come for?

More than one man will be tested, when inspection comes.

25 pages (estimated length)

Amazon page

Goodreads page

Sweet Green Paper (Adventures of Christian Holmes 2)

Christian Holmes is on the trail of a thief. It’s another day in the life of his private detective agency—until he’s shown a picture of the thief’s accomplice, and recognizes his own cousin.

So he partners with his cousin in pursuit of a thief and the more elusive truth. All sorts of lies are told, when the reward is sweet green paper.

Christian Holmes is a detective series, offering humor and moral themes.

33 pages (estimated length)

Amazon page

Goodreads page

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