CSFF Blog Tour: Landmarks

This month, the CSFF blog tour is featuring One Realm Beyond, the first book in Donita K. Paul’s new Realm Walkers series. It involves realm walking. And dragons.

Donita K. Paul is the first author ever toured by the CSFF, back in the distant day, so returning to her work is something of a landmark. My own personal landmark is that this is the first time I have ever begun a tour without first finishing the book.

Yes, I’m ashamed. Yes, I will be reviewing the book. Yes, I will finish the book first.

My plan for this tour is as follows: Day one, introductory post with links and confession; day two, review of book; day three, musings on the contrast between Scripture portraying Satan as a dragon and modern Christian fiction portraying dragons as our big, loveable friends. What is the import of this biblical symbolism to our fantasy novels? Where does the leviathan come in, and what about snakes and lions?

The links follow below, so that you can begin your exploration of One Realm Beyond. As for me, I’m thoroughly immersed; the characters are scurrying towards the climax and I’m going with them.

One Realm Beyond on Amazon;

Donita K. Paul’s website;

best of all, the blog tour:

Julie Bihn
Keanan Brand
Beckie Burnham
Mike Coville
Pauline Creeden
Vicky DealSharingAunt
Carol Gehringer
Rebekah Gyger
Janeen Ippolito
Jason Joyner
Carol Keen
Krystine Kercher
Emileigh Latham
Jennette Mbewe
Meagan @ Blooming with Books
Melanie @ Christian Bookshelf Reviews
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Joan Nienhuis
Donita K. Paul
Audrey Sauble
Chawna Schroeder
James Somers
Jojo Sutis
Jessica Thomas
Steve Trower
Shane Werlinger
Jill Williamson
Deborah Wilson

6 thoughts on “CSFF Blog Tour: Landmarks

  1. How cool that Donita was the first author toured!!! This series is so fun and I cannot wait for book 2!

  2. Heh heh heh, Shannon, if you only knew the number of times I’ve started a tour without having finished the book. There have even been a couple times I’ve had to devote the better part of the last day of the tour just to finish reading it.

    This wasn’t one of those times for me, and I hope you find as I do that the last half of the book flies by.


  3. I got behind too! This is my probably third time finishing during the tour (or at least the second); I guess I have time management problems.

    Looking forward to your thoughts, especially Wednesday’s!

  4. Thanks for your comments! I finished the book last night and put up a review just a little while ago, so I’m caught up. The book was fun, though, so it wasn’t hard.

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