Firebird – Annotated, This Time

Marcher Lord Press is putting out a new edition of the Firebird Trilogy, all three books in one volume. This edition has new maps and annotations by the author. It also has new cover art. More on that later.

I know how popular it is to include maps in speculative novels, especially of the fantasy kind. Personally, I have never found a novel’s maps more interesting than its acknowledgments. The new maps for Firebird are no draw for me.

The annotations, on the other hand, certainly draw my interest, and perhaps someday my money. I looked at the sample MLP gives, and the notes are fascinating.

And here’s the more I promised on the covert art: It’s a step down from the earlier covers. Much of it is good, but it is unfortunately dominated by the models. I find the model staring soulfully from the cover too generic. How many movies, how many books – from action thrillers to romance – could that be pasted onto? The grumpy model is even worse. (Question: Why do models ever pose sullen? Does someone imagine this is attractive? Intriguing?)