Shannon McDermott is the author of the epic fantasy novel The Valley of Decision, as well as the futuristic The Last Heir and the novellas Beauty of the Lilies and Summer Leaves (Sons of Tryas, I and II). She has also written the Christian Holmes series – a collection of middle-grade short stories.

Her latest published work is “The Fulcrum,” a time-travel story published in the Spring/Summer 2019 Third Flatiron Anthology. Shannon is a staff writer with Lorehaven Magazine, where she reviews sci-fi and fantasy novels. She was also a long-time contributor at SpeculativeFaith.

Shannon was born on the West Coast, grew up on the East Coast, and now lives in the Midwest. She enjoys novels, history, music, and lattes. To learn more about her and her work, visit her blog or her Twitter. You can also find Shannon on Goodreads.




Shannon’s Works
The Valley of Decision; available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle editions
The Sunrise Windows; available on Amazon
The Last Heir; available in print and Kindle on Amazon
Beauty of the Lilies (Sons of Tryas, I); available on Amazon
Summer Leaves (Sons of Tryas, II);
available on Amazon
Inspection (Adventures of Christian Holmes 1); available on Amazon
Sweet Green Paper (Adventures of Christian Holmes 2); available on Amazon

Cards: An Eternities Novella; available on Amazon and OpenBooks



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Praise & Endorsements

[On The Valley of Decision] A solid fantasy that wears its spirituality lightly yet effectively. —Kirkus Reviews (see the review in its entirety at kirkusreviews.com)

This [The Valley of Decision] is a very intriguing and enjoyable Christian high fantasy leaning toward the heroic. – David Bergsland, full review at Reality Calling

Shannon McDermott has such a way with words. These stories are told in poetic language that is just breathtaking at times. Her descriptions of colors, art, and people are so vivid I felt like I was there. Sarah Holman on the Sons of Tryas series, full review here

The Valley of Decision transports its readers into a fantasy world as rich and authentic as Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The novel is high fantasy with a neo-medieval setting. McDermott’s characters and storytelling are not only credible, they are totally enthralling, imaginative, and original. She has created a trio of men—Keiran, Caél, and Jarmith—who cannot possibly be any more different from the other, but they forge an alliance of friendship and championship that is then capable of delivering a host of people and other creatures from the oppressive grip of the evil Belenus. Through their struggle and battle for liberty comes the revelation that we all have to choose which master to serve. It will either be the one that steals, kills, and destroys; or else the Eternal One, who is good, restores, and can set us free. –Dr. Brenda Ayres, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Writing, Liberty University.

The characters were definitely my favorite part of the book [The Valley of Decision]. I really enjoyed coming to understand the complexities of the three main characters, who interestingly are all male. I also really enjoyed the unfolding mystery of who the Fay are and why they are a part of this world. Tina Chen, full review at Mommynificent

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. I like mysteries, and I loved the interactions between the characters. Amazon reviewer on Sweet Green Paper

[On The Valley of Decision] Shannon McDermott … has created an intriguing story with strong plotting and character relationships. Janie B. Cheaney, Sr. Writer, WORLD Magazine

[On Beauty of the Lilies]: Shannon also has a great gift for description. Places, colors, and people leapt off the page into living images with her words. She has a talent that takes many authors many years and books grasp. – Sarah Holman, full review at Homeschool Authors