Pronunciation Guide

Pronunciation Guide

Of the names in The Last Heir, some—Kereth, Vonran, Nemin—have been omitted because they are pronounced just as they look. Others—Alexander, Zachariah—are omitted because you know them already. Here are the rest.

Adesh: uh-desh

Adon: ay-den

Anderliy: ander-lee

Au’Rhinn: aw-rhinn

Colten: cole-ten

Declan: deh-clan

Dheval: deh-vahl

D’John: deh-john

Dorjan: dor-juhn

Elymas: el-em-uhs

Fionn: fie-on

Garin: gare-en

Gawin: gah-win

Gerog: ger-og

Gyas: gie-uhs

Lyos: lie-ohs

Mareah: mare-uh

Mela: mel-uh

Regial: reh-gie-uhl

Revlan: rev-lihn

Ryanson: ree-en-son

Shevyn: shev-in

Telnaria: tel-nar-ee-uh

Tinath: tie-nath

Theseus: thee-see-uhs

Traelys: tray-lihs

Uman: oo-mihn

Zidon: zie-duhn

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