The Valley of Decision (A Publication Journal)

The Valley of Decision

Published May 31, 2014

Far away, beyond the Northwood and the Black Mountains, Belenus rules the kingdom of the north.

How many centuries, how many thousands of years, he has held the north, no one knows. But when our distant fathers came over the mountains, he was there.

The Dochraitay are his servants – mortal Men, who live and die in the grasp of their undying master. They till and harvest Belenus’ fields, fight his wars, and bear children for his use.

When Belenus sends them over the mountains to destroy us, they will fear him, and we will fear them. But when the moment of choice comes in the valley of decision, hearts will be exposed.

Lives will shatter.

The world will change.

What no one ever guessed will happen.

– a wisewoman of Alamir

June 30, 2014: The Prism Tour Grand Finale of The Valley of Decision

June 10, 2014: New review for The Valley of Decision! “This is a very intriguing and enjoyable Christian high fantasy leaning toward the heroic.” – David Bergsland, full review at Reality Calling

May 29, 2014: The book is here! See Finis for details and buying links!

May 16, 2014: The Goodreads giveaway for 10 signed copies of The Valley of Decision is open for two more weeks, until May 30.

April 28, 2014: The Prism Tour for The Valley of Decision is now open for sign-ups. Go here to see the details of the tour, and here to receive a review copy of The Valley of Decision and The Sunrise Windows. You may also participate in the blog tour by signing up for a guest post (from me!) or an interview (with me!).

April 17, 2014: The Sunrise Windows – a companion novella to The Valley of Decision – is now on Amazon, Goodreads, and Noisetrade

April 2, 2014: The Valley of Decision has received its third endorsement from Sarah Holman:

Valley of Decision is a masterful tale of fantasy, friendship, and redemption. It is sure to inspire as well as entertain all those who read it. ~ Sarah Holman, author of Adventures and Adversities

March 11, 2014: The Valley of Decision now has a Goodreads page! Those interested in reading the book may now add it to their “to-read” shelves.

March 8, 2014: Kirkus Reviews has given its review of The Valley of Decision. Their verdict: “A solid fantasy that wears its spirituality lightly yet effectively.” Read the entire review at

March 5, 2014: The cover art for The Valley of Decision is now complete! Learn about it here.

February 25, 2014: We have a second endorsement!

Shannon McDermott is a promising young author who has created an intriguing story with strong plotting and character relationships.  Readers who enjoy thinking below the surface of a novel will find much to think about here. Janie B. Cheaney, Sr. Writer, WORLD Magazine

February 11, 2014: The Valley of Decision has received its first endorsement! It will be printed on, or within, the book. Here it is now:

The Valley of Decision transports its readers into a fantasy world as rich and authentic as Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The novel is high fantasy with a neo-medieval setting. McDermott’s characters and storytelling are not only credible, they are totally enthralling, imaginative, and original. She has created a trio of men—Keiran, Caél, and Jarmith—who cannot possibly be any more different from the other, but they forge an alliance of friendship and championship that is then capable of delivering a host of people and other creatures from the oppressive grip of the evil Belenus. Through their struggle and battle for liberty comes the revelation that we all have to choose which master to serve. It will either be the one that steals, kills, and destroys; or else the Eternal One, who is good, restores, and can set us free.  –Dr. Brenda Ayres, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Writing, Liberty University.

February 3, 2014: Here is the description of The Valley of Decision I wrote about a month ago, to send to Library Journal and Booklist and Kirkus along with the bound galley:

Where the Black Mountains pierce the sky, they divide the south from the north, Alamir from the kingdom of Belenus. Belenus, the undying master of the north, commanded Keiran – the Captain of the Hosts – to conquer Alamir. But the Captain is deep in conspiracy, and he has his own plans.

The Valley of Decision is a fantasy novel, a saga of slavery, freedom, and choices.

January 27, 2014: The Valley of Decision now has a Facebook page, featuring concept art for the book’s cover. Check it out here

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