Sweet Green Paper

This weekend, Sweet Green Paper is on a Kindle Countdown sale. It will be 99 cents – 67% off its list price – through Sunday. Then it will go up to $1.99 for another three days, and finally will revert back to its list price on May 22.

Sweet Green Paper is an Adventure of Christian Holmes, a humorous detective series. Excerpts are available on Amazon and on Goodreads.

Sweet Green Paper (An Adventure of Christian Holmes)
by Shannon McDermott

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. I like mysteries, and I loved the interactions between the characters. I would recommend this one. – 4-star Amazon review

Christian Holmes is on the trail of a thief. It’s another day in the life of his private detective agency—until he’s shown a picture of the thief’s accomplice, and recognizes his own cousin.

So he partners with his cousin in pursuit of a thief and the more elusive truth. All sorts of lies are told, when the reward is sweet green paper.

Christian Holmes is a detective series, offering humor and moral themes.