Contract Signed!

I am pleased to announce that I have signed a book contract with Enclave Publishing. I can’t give much information on the book yet, and the release is some time off—but I am looking forward to sharing this story.

For years, Enclave has been filling the niche of Christian speculative fiction with style, and I am honored to be offered a place among their authors. As the end of 2023 comes fast, I am reflecting on this contract—a source of gratitude for 2023, and of excitement for 2024.

‘Hidden Histories’ Is Out!

Hidden Histories is out! This anthology of speculative fiction tells stories of history altered, forgotten, and misreported. Among the rest is my own short story “The Fulcrum.” In “The Fulcrum,” the military – having expended its pound of cure – turns to the ounce of prevention, and launches a time-travel operation to ensure that the war they lost never happens.

Hidden Histories is available on Amazon. For further information, drop by Goodreads or Third Flatiron Publishing.