Four Good Reasons

I decided to go for a short blog post this week. I have other projects demanding time, not least among them preparing for the next CSFF blog tour. Appropriately, then, I am devoting this post to explaining why I enjoy the tour.

(1) Free books. Or, as the more dignified trade term goes, review copies. They are, of course, free, courtesy of the publisher by way of a marketing strategy. I assume it works for them. I know it works for me. Getting books from my favorite genre without having to pay is one of the things I enjoy most about the CSFF, and I’m not too proud to admit it.

(2) Increases traffic to my blog – and I’m not too proud to admit that, either.

(3) Discovering authors. Early this year CSFF toured a book by Bill Myers, an author I had already read; before that we toured one by Donita K. Paul, an author I had at least heard of. But most of the authors have been new to me, and I doubt I would have run into their work at my public library. Through participating in the blog tour, I have been introduced to books I enjoyed and probably would not have read otherwise. I have added new writers to my version of the list all readers keep – the Good Authors List.

(4) Reading the reviews, joining the discussion. After finishing this month’s book, The Monster in the Hollows, I found myself looking forward to the tour. I was interested in hearing what everyone else thought of it. This is another nice thing about the tour: It is an opportunity to hear others’ thoughts and offer your own in turn.

Here is a link to CSFF’s About Page, and also to the form for joining. Just if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “Four Good Reasons

  1. You’re welcome. I have really enjoyed CSFF since I joined; it’s good all around – for authors, publishers, and fans of Christian SF.

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