Reports for Those who Worry (About Planet Earth)

I said in my last post that the CSFF blog tour would be this week. Well

The tour normally starts on the third Monday of the month. I thought, then, that the blog tour would run this week, but as is painfully clear, I was wrong. I would’ve (should’ve, anyway) posted on this earlier, but most of this last week I have been out of town.

All told, I spent a couple dozen hours on the interstate. I am pleased to report, for those who worry about the earth running out of space, that there is plenty of space in the Midwest. Scads of it – mile upon empty mile.

Unfortunately, I also have to report, for those who worry about global warming, that the temperatures in Wisconsin have been in the high seventies. This is in the middle of March and, I repeat, Wisconsin. So the polar ice caps are going to melt, and the oceans will rise, and Manhattan will be submerged. And then the Manhattanites will have to move to Kansas.

At least, when they relocate to the Midwest, they will be able to appreciate the wind turbines. Even I appreciate the wind turbines. There’s something very evocative about what looks like sci-fi windmills – all smooth metal – towering over flat, green fields. It’s even more striking when there are trees or houses close by, and you realize how enormous the turbines really are. Jack might not have needed a beanstalk, if he had lived near one of those.

But back to the CSFF blog tour of Night of the Living Dead Christian. It will start next Monday, the 26th. I know this time – I got the e-mail.

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