Cast of Characters

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A woman who has been reading The Last Heir sent in this comment:

I’m really enjoying Shannon’s book! Great job, Shannon! I think it would be neat if you made a list of characters available, with just a short reminder of who’s who, and maybe also with pronunciations. All your names of people, places and technology are very inventive!

So here you have it – a who’s who of The Last Heir. If any reader believes something has been overlooked, please send in your suggestions.

Cast of Characters

The Royals

Mareah, Empress and widow of Emperor Judah Zebulun III

Alexander, son of Emperor Judah

Layne Gaelin, daughter of Emperor Rikon and sister of Emperor Judah

The Chiefs

Gerog Kinlol, Chief of Justice

Trey Uman, Chief of the Treasury

Kavin Gyas, Chief Counselor

Fionn Dheval, commander-in-chief of the military

Javor Khiv, Chief of the Provinces

Gibeon Dishan, Chief of Commerce

Than Au’Rhinn, Chief of State

David Ithran, Chief of Intelligence

The Assembly

Elymas Vonran, Premier of the Assembly

Theseus Declan, elder of the Assembly

Colten Shevyn, leader of the delegation of Tremain

Garin Dorjan, leader of the delegation of Lorda

Nemin Ziphernan, delegate of Tremain

The Military

General Gawin Gaelin, husband of Layne Gaelin

Colonel Adon Kereth, commander of the Emperor’s Guard

Zidon Adesh, general

Colonel Timos Dappler

General Lyos, commander of the Revlan base

D’John Ryanson, commando

The Others

Zachariah Anderliy, professor

Zelrynn Vonran, daughter of the Premier

Thaddaeus Gaelin, son of General Gaelin

Susanne Kereth

Calanthra Vonran, daughter of the Premier

Pronunciation Guide

Of the names in The Last Heir, some—Kereth, Vonran, Nemin—have been omitted because they are pronounced just as they look. Others—Alexander, Zachariah—are omitted because you know them already. Here are the rest.

Adesh: uh-desh

Adon: ay-den

Anderliy: ander-lee

Au’Rhinn: aw-rhinn

Colten: cole-ten

Declan: deh-clan

Dheval: deh-vahl

D’John: deh-john

Dorjan: dor-juhn

Elymas: el-em-uhs

Fionn: fie-on

Garin: gare-en

Gawin: gah-win

Gerog: ger-og

Gyas: gie-uhs

Lyos: lie-ohs

Mareah: mare-uh

Mela: mel-uh

Regial: reh-gie-uhl

Revlan: rev-lihn

Ryanson: ree-en-son

Shevyn: shev-in

Telnaria: tel-nar-ee-uh

Tinath: tie-nath

Theseus: thee-see-uhs

Traelys: tray-lihs

Uman: oo-mihn

Zidon: zie-duhn

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