Hold That Thought

In my reading at Speculative Faith and Becky Miller’s blog, I have recently come across musings over whether or not Christian speculative fiction is “weird”. This has left me pondering a slightly different question: Why is it called weird?

It occurred to me that the answer to that question can be found, in some degree, in The Spirit Well, a novel by Stephen Lawhead I recently finished. Then it occurred to me that the blog tour for The Spirit Well begins next week, and it will run three days, and if I have something to say concerning the book, I should probably say it then.

So hold that thought.

The Spirit Well is the third book of the Bright Empires series. The first book, The Skin Map, was my maiden CSFF blog tour; a year ago, we toured the second book also. (It’s titled The Bone House. Do you sense a theme?)

I’ll see you, hopefully, on the tour, to discuss The Spirit Well and other issues of weirdness in Christian speculative fiction.

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