As I begin this blog post, I frankly hope that it won’t take me long.I have other things I need to get to, such as working through the edits for The Valley of Decision. I am reading the manuscript behind my editor, making my own changes and incorporating her suggestions. Nearly all of them, anyway.

My other major project is finishing the first draft of Forever Today. I am getting near one of the most pivotal turns in the story, along with several moments that have lingered, half-made, in my imagination for months and even years. It’s an exciting point to reach in the writing of a book.

Also on my agenda is finishing (reading) Fortress of Mist. I’ve scheduled myself to review it next Tuesday, and one cannot be a truly enlightened reviewer of any book without knowing how it ends. The CSFF blog tour begins on Monday, and brief as this post is, I expect to make up for it then.

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