2014: Reading Books, Writing Books

Over at Speculative Faith, Becky Miller began a discussion about reading and writing goals for 2014. I answered the question there, but I thought I’d take it up again, in more depth, here.

I have two reading goals right now. One, to slip in some novels between those I read for review. I enjoy nearly everything I review, but I’d like to get to other books, too: Veiled Rose, Spark, Greetings From the Flipside …

And, of course, The Warden and the Wolf King. I’ve been waiting a couple years for the conclusion of the Wingfeather Saga, and when it finally comes out, I’ll get it in if I have to ram it.

I am also hoping to read nonfiction pretty much nonstop – taking in small doses alongside and in between whatever fiction I read. I’m currently reading 10 pages a day of William Jones’ History of the Christian Church, and I am planning to go from there to Finally Fearless (Cheryl McKay), then onto Days of Fire (Peter Baker), and probably from there to one of the history books languishing in my personal library, waiting to be read.

At 10 pages a day, I’ll get through all these slowly … but surely.

As for my writing, I want to get deep into my new Mars novel. I’m not optimistic enough to think I’ll finish it this year – but even getting close would be terrific. I’ve also wanted to return to fantasy, and to Christian Holmes – a Christian Holmes spy novel would be fun. It’d be nice to start accumulating notes, but I don’t know if I’ll get around to it.

In the meantime, I’m still receiving the final edits of The Valley of Decision, and still awaiting the final word on Forever Today from the publisher that is considering it.

And life goes on.

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