Cover Reveal: Power Elements of Story Structure

When I was invited to participate in the cover reveal of Power Elements of Story Structure, I thought to myself, Of course. It’s not a lot to do. I’ve done more than one cover reveal in my day. (I’ve done two.)

So here you go: Power Elements of Story Structure is a writing instruction e-book written by Rebecca LuElla Miller, a freelance editor who has received endorsements from Bryan Davis and Jill Williamson. She maintains a blog called Rewrite, Reword, Rework, where she gives helpful and thought-provoking advice on writing.

And now, for the cover reveal …

I’m pretty sure this is the most eye-catching cover I’ve ever seen on a writing book.

For more details on the book and its upcoming release, check Becky Miller’s blog.

Becky Miller is also, by the way, the administrator of the CSFF blog tour. (I don’t know if that’s the official title, but it works well enough. At least it works better than “blog tour overlord”, which I believe is what one of the CSFF bloggers used to call her.) A new CSFF blog tour is scheduled for next week, so I should be here on Monday to begin the tour of Outcasts.

4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Power Elements of Story Structure

  1. Thanks, Shannon. I agree with you about the cover–Rachel Marks did such a wonderful job. She’s a gifted designer.

    Heheheh–yes, Tour Overlord. I think that’s from Jason Joyner, isn’t it?


  2. I don’t remember who, really; I just remember the phrase. “Overlord” – I guess that’s what comes of managing a speculative fiction blog tour.

  3. I’ve been on Becky’s writing blog, so I’m sure the book is good.

    The “Tour Overlord” name is an old thing, probably from before I joined; I came across it while looking up CSFF reviews from older tours. Of course, there’s a possibility I’ve inadvertently revived it.

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