CSFF Blog Tour: Intrepid Explorers, Intrepid Bloggers

It was four years ago that Thomas Nelson published The Skin Map, by Stephen Lawhead, and so began the Bright Empires series. Every fall since then, a new Bright Empires book has come out: The Bone House, The Spirit Well, The Shadow Lamp. We of the CSFF blog tour reviewed every one, boldly following the intrepid explorers of the multiverse in their travels through time and space, tracing the cosmic snarls with vim and mental acuity and carefully made charts.

The Fatal Tree, the newest Bright Empires novel, came out in October, bang on time. Now the CSFF is touring it – continuing, and concluding, the tradition, for with The Fatal Tree, the Bright Empires series finally comes home.

So come and join us for the last tour. The publisher offered temporary tattoos to the tourers, supposed to resemble the tattoos worn by Arthur Flinders-Petrie, the Man Who Was The Map (long story). The tourers who accepted will be posting pictures of themselves, or someone they know, sporting the tattoos; Julie Bihn has done so already.

I personally will not be sporting any tattoos, but let the record show that I am typing this up wearing glittery nail polish. And now, for the links …

The Fatal Tree on Amazon;

Stephen Lawhead’s website;

Stephen Lawhead’s Facebook page;

and the (occasionally tattooed) tourers:

Julie Bihn
Thomas Clayton Booher
Beckie Burnham
Jeff Chapman
Karri Compton
April Erwin
Victor Gentile
Jason Joyner
Janeen Ippolito
Carol Keen
Emileigh Latham
Rebekah Loper
Meagan @ Blooming with Books
Rebecca LuElla Miller

Jalynn Patterson
Writer Rani

Nathan Reimer
Audrey Sauble
Jojo Sutis
Rachel Starr Thomson

Robert Treskillard
Steve Trower
Shane Werlinger
Phyllis Wheeler

7 thoughts on “CSFF Blog Tour: Intrepid Explorers, Intrepid Bloggers

  1. Glittery nail polish? HA! I’m not sure how to respond. Either, Really? That’s all you’ve got? Or, I’m SHOCKED! SHOCKED, I say! πŸ˜€

    I’ve got the tats but haven’t decided just how best to display them.


  2. Maybe you could apply the tattoos over your glittery nail polish. The glitter can represent the Spirit Well, or the Shadow lamp particles, in keeping with the spirit of the series. ;D

  3. Since they don’t stay on forever, and NO needles are involved, I have “tattoos” on me! LOL! I’ve never done anything like it in my life, but really, it isn’t too different than face paint in some ways. I figured if others can wear t-shirts to promote an Author they like, I can do this. And so… I did. My photos are on my blog if you get curious or have time.

    Then again, it could be dangerous giving us readers who write and work in Art things that we can get so wildly creative with given time. Sparks all kinds of fun ideas. (All of which are Christ like though!)

    I’m happy for your glittery nails! I can’t seem to keep my polish from chipping away three days after application. πŸ™

    Carol πŸ™‚

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