CSFF Blog Tour: Post-Script

I don’t have a whole lot to say, but, well, here I am talking anyway.

This is the last day of the last CSFF blog tour for the Bright Empires series, and I wanted to wrap up with a final note – a post-script, if you will. The Bright Empires series would not be enjoyed by everyone; to some extent, it is a specialized taste, an unusual amalgam of historical, fantastical, and science fiction held together by old-fashioned writing. The style of the whole is old-school – slower, fuller, and richer than the modern style. You know that Stephen Lawhead is a successful author because they let him write books like this.

Not in spite of that, but partially because of it, I enjoyed the Bright Empires series first to last. I gave my reasons yesterday: the convincing characters, the skilled writing, the richness of its history and the fascination of its sci-fi and fantasy concepts. It was quite a journey, and I’m glad for it. For that, I owe kudos to Stephen Lawhead …

… and thanks to Becky Miller, who has for years ably run the blog tour that introduced me to the Bright Empires series and to Stephen Lawhead.

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