CSFF Blog Tour: The Great Collapse

The First Principle is the debut novel of Marissa Shrock. It is dystopian (as is popular), YA (as dystopians so often are), and the subject of this month’s CSFF blog tour (as other YA dystopians have been).

One surprise of this novel – and you will not see this point on any other stop in the tour, because nobody else has any reason to be surprised – one surprise was the phrase the Great Collapse, referring to some (not very specified) catastrophic breakdown of America. Now, I had been using this exact phrase, for a similar event, in a manuscript of my own, and suddenly I encountered it in someone else’s published book. This is the authorial equivalent of showing up at the prom in the same dress.

But enough drama. Onto the links:

The First Principle on Amazon;

Marissa Shrock’s website;

The First Principle on Goodreads;

and finally, the blog tour:

Julie Bihn
Thomas Clayton Booher
Beckie Burnham
April Erwin
Victor Gentile
Carol Keen
Meagan @ Blooming with Books
Megan @ Hardcover Feedback
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Joan Nienhuis
Jalynn Patterson
Chawna Schroeder
Jessica Thomas

3 thoughts on “CSFF Blog Tour: The Great Collapse

  1. Noted. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Jessica.

    Julie, I’m not at all surprised someone beat me (us) to the punch. You think of these things on your own, and somewhere else, someone else is thinking of them, too. One of the reasons I’m not planning to take “the Great Collapse” out of my manuscript …

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